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Open Access

This guide provides tips and resources for navigating the Open Access landscape.

OA Overview

Welcome to the Open Access LibGuide -  your guide to all things Open Access at Johns Hopkins University. This highlights page is for you to get a quick overview of tools and information that are important to JHU researchers related to Open Access.

For additional guidance, please do not hesitate to reach out to Nancy Shin, Scholarly Communications Librarian, at

OA LibGuide Quick Highlights:

  1. JHU Publisher Agreements supporting OA: if you know and if you are ready to publish a journal article, this resource will point you to OA agreements at JH Libraries to help support your publication.
  2. Creative Commons: if you are going to share your work, but need to protect your research, this resource will describe the different types of licenses that are available to you.
  3. OA Types: if you need clarity about your OA options, this resource will explain the different OA types.
  4. OA Policy at JHU: if you need to know what OA compliance as a JHU researcher is, this resource will clarify JHU’s OA policy.
  5. OA Resources: if you need more guidance on OA, this resource will point you to more valuable resources.

       For additional information on OA, please check out these resources:

  • OA Explained: if you are curious about what OA is, this resource defines and explains the history of OA.
  • Article Processing Charges: if you are unsure what APCs are and the funding models that libraries use to help fund APCs, this resource is for you.
  • OA Myths: if you are having a hard time busting OA myths or distinguishing what’s fact or fiction, this resource clarifies any confusion surrounding OA.

For information on scholarly publishing, check out our "Scholarly Publishing" LibGuide.