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Scholarly Publishing and Open Access

This guide provides tips and resources for navigating the scholarly publishing landscape, including journal lists, author resources, and resources about preprints and repositories.

Deciding Where to Publish

The Welch Medical Library has many resources and Informationists to support you as you navigate your publishing options. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before selecting a journal or repository in which to publish your work:

  • Is my paper realistically in reach of being published by this journal?

  • What is the journal’s scope, and is it applicable for my specific sub-discipline?

  • Who is my intended audience?

  • Is this a high quality journal?

  • Does my department, supervisor, team, etc. care about “high impact journals” or citations? 

  • What is the review-to-publication timeline? Does it matter?

  • Can I share a copy of or allow other researchers to be able to access, build upon my work?

Working your way through the guide, you will identify resources to support answers to each of these questions.