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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

This site is best viewed in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Some resources are limited to Hopkins affiliates, but many are freely available. #physicaltherapy #occupationaltherapy #slpeeps #speechtherapy #icurehab #rehab #rehabilitation #sportsmedicine

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AU-ID("Beier, Meghan L." 55785907800) OR AU-ID("Brodsky, Martin B." 7102901117) OR AU-ID("Celnik, Pablo A." 8634611600) OR AU-ID("Celnik, Pablo A." 8634611600) OR AU-ID("Chung, Tae-hwan" 36636953600) OR AU-ID("de Lateur, Barbara J.D." 7003338077) OR AU-ID("Ellen, Mark I." 6601940540) OR AU-ID("Feldman, Dorianne R." 42461259300) OR AU-ID("Friedlander, Tracy" 6701749271) OR AU-ID("González-Fernández, Marlís" 23990742400) OR AU-ID("Hosey, Megan M." 18436894100) OR AU-ID("Hoyer, Erik H." 55579132200) OR AU-ID("Hughes, Abbey J." 56528930200) OR AU-ID("Mayer, Roberts Samuel" 9844467800) OR AU-ID("Recio, Albert C." 35849242100) OR AU-ID("Sadowsky, Cristina L." 7003883272) OR AU-ID("Salorio, Cynthia F." 6603496265) OR AU-ID("Silver, Kenneth H.C." 14007061100) OR AU-ID("Stiers, William M." 6601956577) OR AU-ID("Suskauer, Stacy J." 7801643293) OR AU-ID("Touradji, Pegah" 6505921041) OR AU-ID("Trovato, Melissa K." 7006393098) OR AU-ID("Wegener, Stephen T." 7005880242) OR AU-ID("Engle, Jessica" 57194778029) OR AU-ID("Kim, Sooyeon" 55874864000) OR AU-ID("Raghavan, Preeti" 12769275200)