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COVID-19 Resources

Welcome to Our COVID-19 Resources Guide

This guide was created to provide the health care professionals of Johns Hopkins University and Medicine with timely content and resources regarding the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak. Navigate this guide using the categories on the left.

General Resources

Please use your judgment when viewing/using the crowd sourced resources. Information is quickly changing and accuracy is not guaranteed. 

COVID-19 and Open Access to Scientific Research

On March 13th, 2020, the White House asked the Scholarly Publishing Community to make all COVID-19 papers immediately openly and machine readable. On March 16th, the Wellcome Trust published a list of publishers that have pledged to make coronavirus (COVID-19) content freely available and reusable. However, much of the current COVID-19 literature might return behind paywalls in the future. 

If you support transparent and open access to health and biomedical research, or simply want to access COVID-19 research, here are some resources below. 

Download the Unpaywall browser extension to access open access versions of research. The Unpaywall extension allows you to read research for free by clicking the green lock that appears when an open version is available. For questions about scholarly publisher response or open access advocacy, contact the Welch Library.

You can find more publishing resources on the Welch Scholarly Publishing and Open Access guide.