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Finding Datasets for Secondary Analysis

What kind of data?

This page offers ways to find datasets on COVID-19. If you're looking for statistical information, please consult the COVID-19 Data page which is located on Finding Health Statistics.

Hopkins Initiatives

COVID-19 Datasets

All of Us is leveraging its significant and diverse participant base to seek new insights into COVID-19—through antibody testing, a survey on the pandemic’s impacts and collection of electronic health record information.

  • Covid Participant Experience (COPE) Survey -  All of Us has deployed a new online survey to better understand the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on participants’ physical and mental health. This 20- to 30-minute survey is designed both for participants who have been ill with COVID-19 and those who have not, and includes questions on COVID-19 symptoms, stress, social distancing and economic impacts.
  • Seroprevalence SurveyAll of Us will test blood samples from 10,000 or more participants who joined the program most recently, starting with samples from March 2020 and working backward until positive tests are no longer found. The tests will show the prevalence of novel coronavirus exposure among All of Us participants, and help researchers assess varying rates across regions and communities.
  • EHR data - The program is working to standardize EHR information to help researchers look for patterns and learn more about COVID-19 symptoms and associated health problems, as well as the effects of different medicines and treatments.

Data Access - If you're affiliated with Johns Hopkins and have an eRA Commons account, you can apply to access the data. Check out the data access information here

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