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Early Mobility

Publications of Interest in Early Mobility from Scopus

The search is built for Scopus and can be copied and pasted into the Advanced search tab. The search is documented below. You must be on campus or logged in through the library's website or the Johns Hopkins VPN to view these records in Scopus.

TITLE({respiration} OR {b i c u} OR {bicu} OR {burn center} OR {burn centers} OR {burn unit} OR {burn units} OR {close attention unit} OR {close attention units} OR {coronary care unit} OR {coronary care units} OR {coronary resuscitation unit} OR {coronary resuscitation units} OR {critical care} OR {critical illness} OR {critical illnesses} OR {critically ill} OR {g i c u} OR {gicu} OR {h d u} OR {hdu} OR {high dependency unit} OR {high dependency units} OR {i c u} OR {i t u} OR {icu} OR {intensive care} OR {intensive therapy unit} OR {intensive therapy units} OR {itu} OR ventilator* OR {ventilation} OR {ventilated} OR {micu} OR {p i c u} OR {m i c u} OR {picu} OR {recovery room} OR {recovery rooms} OR {respiratory care unit} OR {respiratory care units} OR {stroke unit} OR {stroke units}) AND TITLE(exercise* OR therap* OR communicat* OR {musculoskeletal} OR {myofunctional} OR deglutit* OR dysphag* OR odynophag* OR presbyphag* OR {speech} OR {language} OR swallow* OR {voice} OR {vocal} OR occupational* OR {coma stim} OR {coma stimulation} OR {gait} OR {cycling} OR {early ambulation} OR {diary} OR {diaries} OR {activities of daily living} OR {activities of daily life} OR function* OR {muscle} OR weak* OR myopath* OR strength* OR ergomet* OR spiromet* OR mobili* OR rehab*)