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Expert Searching

How Can the Library Help?

The Welch Medical Library has a number of informationists who can assist with a literature search. 

A literature search consultation might include one or more of the following:

  • Refining the research topic to an answerable question
  • Recommending information sources or databases for the search topic
  • Identifying relevant search terms 
  • Creating and executing search strategies
  • Suggesting reference management software and strategies

An informationist can also provide you with an expert search, which may include:

  • Refinement of the search question 
  • Search term identification
  • Identification of sources and databases to be searched
  • Search strategy formulation and documentation
  • Execution of searches

Are you interested in performing a systematic review? These types of reviews are more complex than a general literature review. See our Systematic Review Methods guide to learn more.

Do you want to meet with an informationist? Complete our Literature Review Request Form (BETA):

Literature Review Request Form


Before You Meet With Your Informationist

A meeting with an informationist will be most beneficial for you if you first do a little bit of planning and searching on your own. Prior to meeting with an informationist, we recommend that you:

  • Have a clear and concise understanding of your research question
  • Be prepared to discuss the scope of your project, including limits on the body of literature
  • Brainstorm search terms associated with your topics (acronyms, synonyms, and variations on spelling)
  • Note any relevant literature you have found so far