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ORCID and SciENcv

Register for, add material to, and use ORCID and SciENcv

What is ORCID iD?

ORCID iD is an unique, persistent identifier that aims to address the issue of reliable attribution in scientific research publishing. It is free for researchers to sign up for and utilize.

Your ORCID iD is portable, it stays with if you change institutions. You can link your ORCID iD to popular library resources such as My NCBI (Pubmed/SciENcv) and Web of Science. You can then log in to your accounts on these websites using your ORCID iD.

ORCID iD is necessary because ...

  • People change names and use variants such as initials and dashes
  • People have very common names that make it hard to track down citations by searching databases
  • The organization is publisher and vendor neutral, and the ORCID iD system is designed for wide interoperability


"enter once, re-use often"

Maintaining an ORCID record simplifies sharing your research and scholarship contributions thanks to a growing number of integrations with other systems. An ORCID iD ensures authorship is properly credited by assigning a unique id number to anyone who registers. 

You can share the funding and publishing data entered into your ORCID record on your lab website, faculty profile website, in funding applications and beyond. Your ORCID record can be synced to other researcher profiles as well, such as ResearcherID from Web of Science.

What is SciENcv?

SciENcv is an application that lets you create shareable online professional profiles using official NIH, NSF, or IES biographical sketch formats. 

SciENcv makes it easier to ensure that your documents are formatted to meet requirements for NIH, NSF, and IES funding proposals. You can link your ORCiD to SciENcv to efficiently and accurately populate the funding and publishing sections of your biosketch.

The National Library of Medicine, which hosts the SciENcv application, maintains and updates documentation on how to best create the different biographical sketches.

Using the NIH Biographical Sketch

Using the NIH Fellowship Sketch

Using the NSF Biographical Sketch

Using the NSF Current & Pending Support

Using the IES Biographical Sketch

Why ORCID and SciENcv?

There are no barriers to registering for the tools discussed in this guide, you do not have to be published or funded to create your ORCID record. They are free of charge for researchers and allow users to control how much of their data is publicly available. 

Both ORCID and SciENcv can be linked to your JHED account. It is best to link at least one personal e-mail and one professional e-mail address to your accounts.Panda bear questioning why

Connect your ORCID and JHED using the JH ORCID Registry