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ORCID and SciENcv

Register for, add material to, and use ORCID and SciENcv

Add Trusted Parties

There are two different types of trusted parties that you can allow to modify your ORCID record.

You can add "Trusted Individuals" (account delegate) and you can also enable "Trusted Organizations" to update your record.

No matter your role on a research team, you are eligible to register for an ORCID iD. If you are responsible for managing the ORCID records of a group of researchers, you will need your own, so that they can find you in the system and add you as a trusted individual. 


Funding entries populated by Trusted Organizations

Find your funding information using Dimensions

The "Source" field in an ORCID record is automated and cannot be modified by a user. The source field will say what Trusted Party added data to your record. Only Trusted Parties that have permission to write into your record can do so, and you can modify permissions and privacy settings at any time.

Below is an example of a trusted organization, American Heart Association, writing directly into a grant recipient's ORCID record.


Auto Update ORCID Record via Trusted Parties

You can keep your ORCID record up to date without manually adding new entries by authorizing access for "Trusted Parties" to write into your record. 

Your ORCID iD will need to be associated with a work's DOI for automated updates to function. Many publishers ask you to submit your ORCID iD for this purpose. If you submit your ORCID iD, the publisher will also put an ORCID iD button link next to your name on your article's webpage.

ORCiD documentation for utilizing auto updates for your "Works" section 

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Manually Update ORCID Record

add pubmed id

First you need to select "Add PubMed ID"

enter pmid

Then, enter the PMID of the work and it will be added to your record.


Currently there is no integrat​ion between Google Scholar and ORCID. You can export a bibtex file of your citation and import it to your ORCID record. ​​​​​​export bibtex from gs


If you have records that are not accesible via other systems, you can manully enter a record by typing directly into the fields.manually add work entry to your ORCID record

Privacy Settings and Visibility


If there are elements of your ORCID record you do not wish to be publicly available, you can simply toggle the visibility setting to your preferred option.

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