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ORCID and SciENcv

Register for, add material to, and use ORCID and SciENcv

JH ORCID Registry

An example of a JHED profile that has not linked their ORCiD to their JHED yet

Searching the Registry

Once you have linked your ORCID and your JHED, you can return to the to access a modifiable version of your ORCID record on the ORCID website, or to look up ORCIDs by searching JHEDs. 

Use the "Search" tab in the JH ORCID Registry to search by JHED.


Basic Record Information

Before you proceed to add Funding, Works, and Peer Review, there are some account settings you should complete.

Adding e-mail addresses

If you change institutions, it is valuable to have more than one email associated to your ORCID record. It is best to add multiple e-mails if possible. In case you lose access to your account, this will make it easier to recover. 


The information you write into the Biography section of your ORCID record will automatically populate into your NIH Biosketch Personal Statement. 

You have 5000 characters to describe your interests, but it can also be very brief. If you do not want the Biography section to populate your Personal Statement, you can change the visibility to private. This will remove this part of the section from your public ORCID record and make it inaccessible to other systems, unless they are among your trusted parties.



Also known as 

You can also add alternative spellings or iterations of your name. If you have changed names, this would be the place to add those alternative names. You can also set the privacy on this part of your ORCID so alternate names are not publicly visible. 

Add other names you may be known by. These can include abbreviated names, middle names, former names or names in a different character set or language. Adding other names can help people find your record when they search the ORCID registry.