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Systematic Reviews and Other Expert Reviews

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What is Covidence?

Covidence Defined

Covidence is a web-based software platform that you have access to as a Johns Hopkins affiliate. Covidence streamlines the production of systematic reviews through:

  • Citation screening
  • Full text review
  • Risk of Bias assessment
  • Extraction of study characteristics and outcomes
  • Export of data and references

Key Features

  • Support for duplicated, independent processes, including at citation screening, full text review, Risk of Bias (RoB) and Data Extraction stages
  • Resolution of screening, RoB, and data extraction conflicts, and agreement on final consensus data
  • Import of citations from a range of reference managers and de-duplication of study citations (with manual override)
  • Storage of full text study reports
  • Automatic population of Risk of Bias tables with text selected in full text reports
  • Simple export of data

Learning Resources


About Covidence: Cochrane Community and

Signing Up for Covidence

Signing Up for Covidence

Follow these instructions to use Covidence through the Welch Medical Library subscription.

  1. Create an account at Covidence.
  2. Request an invitation to join the "JHU Welch Medical Library account."
  3. Accept the email invitation that you receive.
  4. Log in to your Covidence account.
  5. When you establish a new review, be sure to create it using the "JHU Welch Medical Library" account option.

Import References into Covidence