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Nursing Resources

Library Support for Nursing

Bioinformatics Services

Informationists instruct in identifying and searching bioinformatics resources such as ClinVar, InterPro, BioMart, and GEO.

Clinical and Evidence-Based Practice
Informationists provide precision, point-of-need evidence-based searches for morning reports, case conferences, EBM and patient rounds, and more.
Informationists meet with you or your group to teach tools, resources, and databases; help you define or refine your research question; and clarify the research process.
Informationists assist with data management planning and finding data and statistics.
Education and Instruction
Informationists visit your department or division for orientations and support, as well as provide scheduled classes on searching, reference management, research impact, finding funding, and more.
Expert Searching
Informationists can be a part of the systematic review team by providing expert evidence-based searching and contributing to authorship through written search methodologies.
Scholarly Communications

Informationists and staff consult and instruct about various scholarly publishing topics, including open access publishing, sharing research, open licensing, author rights, and copyright. Informationists can also find grant and funding opportunities, and can advise on data management planning.

Research Impact
Informationists provide metrics on a research landscape, author, or author group, as well as assist with researcher profile tools such as NIH Biosketch, SciENcv, and ORCID.