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JHN Center for Evidence-Based Practice

The Johns Hopkins Nursing Center for Evidence-Based Practice provides best practices, leadership, support and training, and research to assist nurses in bringing the best available evidence into practice. The Johns Hopkins Department of Nursing offers the complete evidence-based practice package for you or your institution — model, tools, books, education, and consultation!

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JHH Research

As a leader in discovery and innovation, The Johns Hopkins Hospital Department of Nursing fosters an environment that facilitates the development of new knowledge through nursing research. Nursing research uses qualitative and quantitative systematic methods directed toward the study and improvement of patient care, patient care systems and patient outcomes.

The mission of The Johns Hopkins Hospital Nursing Research Program is to lead by inspiring, engaging, and supporting nurses to conduct and disseminate nursing research.

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External Nursing Research Resources

Books in the JH Catalog

link to conceptual understanding ebook

Tools for Teaching Conceptual Understanding, Secondary

Teachers will learn strategies for introducing students to conceptual learning Instructional strategies to help students uncover and transfer concepts, how to write concept-based lessons, how to assess for conceptual understanding, how to differentiate in a concept-based classroom, and how CBCI aligns with other current best practices and initiatives

link to everyday probem-based learning ebook record

Everyday Problem-Based Learning

Brian Pete and Robin Fogarty present ways to use problem-based learning as a daily approach to helping students learn authentic and relevant skills.

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A Conceptual Framework for Personalised Learning

Philipp Melzer analyses influence factors of personalised learning aiming to lay out design principles for personalised blended learning courses. Finding only weak support for a matching between learning styles and teaching methods, he defines learning tasks as the object of further investigations. Following the idea of a community of inquiry, the author develops the Personalised Learning Framework (PLF), modelling personalised learning as a process of selection as well as usage of learning tasks and learning tools by the community of inquiry.

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Creative Teaching Strategies for the Nurse Educator

Be more creative in any setting. Here are nearly 200 practical, relevant, and easy-to-implement teaching strategies that will help engage your students in any classroom setting.

The Intersection: where evidence based nursing and information literacy meet

The Intersection: Where Evidence Based Nursing and Information Literacy Meet describes how the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Framework and Information literacy Competency Standards for Nursing

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Learning to Collaborate, Collaborating to Learn

The book covers the use of information and communication technology tools by collaborative partners who may or may not be co-located. As such, the book will be appropriate for all-online, blended learning, or conventional classrooms that infuse technology with "flipped" instructional techniques.

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Foundations of Evidence-Based Medicine

This comprehensive text focuses on reasoning, critical thinking and pragmatic decision making in medicine. Based on the author's extensive experience and filled with definitions, formulae, flowcharts and checklists, this fully revised second edition continues to provide invaluable guidance to the crucial role that clinical epidemiology plays in the expanding field of evidence-based medicine.