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NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy

This guide supports researchers' efforts to comply with the NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy. It offers step-by-step guidance on how to plan for data sharing and write a data management and sharing plan to meet NIH requirements.

Downloading & Exporting the Plan from the DMPTool

When the NIH DMS Plan is complete, export the plan from the Download tab. The default settings for export are for NIH format preferences, in the PDF format that NIH requires for attachments. If you wish to edit the plan directly in MS Word, export as a docx format and convert back to PDF from Word. 

For the Download Settings checkboxes, note that the "project details coversheet" is unchecked, and is not to be included on the plan.  Currently the section headings and question text are to be included in the plan.  If you are over the 2-page suggested limit, remove "question text" (or trim your responses!)

The "research outputs" checkbox refers to any content added to the "Research outputs" tab. If using this section to list data types and sharing sites, the list will appear as a table at the bottom of the plan.  If the list reflects the data outputs and sharing plans, this table could be included in place of the "Data Type" description; however, NIH does not require this table as part of the plan. Uncheck this box if you do not wish to include your table entries, if any.

DMPTool Download tab

Adding the NIH DMS Plan to the Proposal

The Data Management and Sharing Plan is added as one of the attached documents for the NIH grant application using the ASSIST or portal.

DMS Plans should be included within the “Other Plan(s) field on the PHS 398 Research Plan or PHS 398 Career Development Award Supplemental Form as indicated in the Application Instructions.