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NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy

This guide supports researchers' efforts to comply with the NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy. It offers step-by-step guidance on how to plan for data sharing and write a data management and sharing plan to meet NIH requirements.

A Resource for Creating Data Management Plans

The DMPTool is a free, open-source, online application that helps researchers create data management plans. It is recommended by JHU Data Services for writing the NIH-required DMS plan.

DMPTool Features
  • A built-in NIH DMS plan template
  • An click-through wizard for step-by-step plan creation
  • Sample language
  • Embedded guidance from NIH, JHU Data Services, and the DMPTool
  • A process for requesting feedback on your plan from JHU Data Services
  • A multi-format download function

Federal Demonstration Partnership NIH DMSP Template Pilot Program

Johns Hopkins University is participating in the Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP) NIH DMSP Template Pilot, which is testing the effectiveness and usability of two DMSP templates. If you are interested in participating this pilot program, please visit this JHURA page to learn more. Note that neither template is currently in the DMPTool. You may email drafts for review by JHU Data Services to

Getting Started with the DMPTool

The following steps will get you started in the DMPTool. See the DMPTool's "Quick Start Guide" for additional information.

Step 1: Sign-In to the DMPTool

Use your institutional e-mail to sign in to the DMPTool. You will then be prompted to sign in via your JHED credentials.


DMPTool sign in

Step 2: Create a Plan

Click the blue "Create plan" button to start a new plan.


DMPTool - create plan

Step 3: Choose Your Data Management Plan (DMP) Template

Name your research project, select NIH as the funder, and choose the "NIH-GEN DMSP (Forthcoming 2023)" template


Select DMP template in DMPTool


Step 4: Enter Project Details and Collaborators

Add project details and enter collaborator information


DMPTool project details and collaborators


Step 5: Begin to Write Your Plan

Expand the sections of the DMS plan to enter information about each plan element


DMPTool - write plan

Note: See the "Writing a Data Management and Sharing (DMS) Plan" sections of this guide for instructions on completing the elements of the DMS plan in the DMPTool.

View Example DMS Plans

The "Public DMPs" Feature

At any point in the DMS plan writing process, you can view example DMS plans that have been publicly shared within the DMPTool. Click on "Public DMPs" at the top of the page, limit to NIH as the funder, and click on plans labeled "NIH-GEN DMSP (Forthcoming 2023)."


DMPTool's public DMPs feature

Receive Feedback on Your DMS Plan

The "Request Feedback" Feature

Use the "Request feedback" feature within the DMPTool to send a draft of your DMS plan to expert reviewers at JHU Data Services.


The DMPTool's request feedback function


The JHU Data Services Contact Link

You may also send questions to JHU Data Services using the "Contact Data Services for feedback on your plan and to archive your data in the Johns Hopkins Research Data Repository" link that appears at the top of every page in the DMPTool.


DMPTool's link to contact JHU Data Services